Why all 21st century women should be housewives

For the past couple of months I’ve seen how difficult it is to be a woman. I’ve seen persons blindly continue their lives without giving a second thought to the conflicting demands women face.

Believe it or not persons are still living like they are in the 19th century. As I got older the demands increased. In addition to excelling in school, I was expected to learn how to properly cook and clean. Ironically these demands weren’t from my parents, they were from outsiders who thought this was what girls should do.


I am not against learning these vital skills. My problem is the reasons that were given after I would question them. I remember talking to a relative of mine and he would insist that I learn how to cook because I will need to cook for my husband and that’s how I would “keep” him.

Are these skills only for a man’s enjoyment?

Do my skills go to waste if I don’t have one? Aren’t these skills necessary for me? And if these skills are for me, why does it bother you if I choose not to learn? Isn’t it my problem?

Both male relatives who told me this have been having affairs for as long as I can remember. So much for “keeping”, right😂😂😂

We don’t understand that as a society the unconscious words we utter contribute to how women view themselves. I know women who believe their only purpose is to contribute to a man’s life based off what they were taught. However, they don’t get married and now they’re in their 40s struggling with self confidence and self worth. Then we have the audacity to label them as “insecure” and “thirsty” when we taught them that nonsense.

Again, I’m not saying young girls shouldn’t learn these skills. However, I do have a problem with the reasons behind learning them. Ensure the reasons given are for their fulfillment and not for that of a man.



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