Ladies, wise up & leave that wasteman!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love. I get so happy when I see young couples, especially when they’re married. Unfortunately, puss and dog nuh have d same luck! 

Often times we get involved in relationships that are one-sided. Boys (yes, I mean boys) want convenience: relationship benefits with no commitment. And if you’re up for that then by all means stay with him but you obviously aren’t since you’re reading this post. Please stop playing his mind games,today he’s all yours then he disappears for days. But let’s not focus on petty issues, think about the future: compatibility, kids, jobs, family. How are you going to solve those bigger problems if you can’t overcome these small ones. 
If he doesn’t ask about the grades you’re getting or how the business is going, ladies please leave. As a matter of fact, don’t leave … RUN! It’s 2017, stop justifying his psychotic behavior.

Relationships are beautiful when the effort is mutual. The biggest question is should I stay and change him or leave? I’ve been asked this question numerous times and this is how the conversation normally goes: 

“I’m going to answer you, but you won’t listen.” 

With that they’d say: “Danejra just answer the question”

“You need to leave him cause he’s obviously not serious” 

“But I love him….” and whatever other reason they’d give, I told you you wouldn’t listen to me🙄🙄🙄

I believe every girl should have her phase of being in love with a jerk and willing to do anything for him(thank God I already had mine) but after that guy THAT’S IT!!! Don’t be dumb for every one of these crazy creatures. Or else you’ll be worn out at 65 wondering where you went wrong, talking about I thought he was the one when all 25 of them moved on. Delete him off your social media and focus on your goals.

If you’re single, don’t revolve your life around finding a man. Get some hobbies, get that degree, get that dream job, run a successful business. Truth is there is no guarantee that you’ll ever get married (kinda sucks since that’s what 90% of women want). If God doesn’t want you to get married you won’t. So instead of using all your energy to find one, invest it in something more meaningful. How about we appreciate the family we currently have instead of using all our time trying to find someone to start a family with.

A lot of persons may believe my standards are too high or as a guy once said “you’re too high maintenance” but you don’t see me over here heartbroken over some waste man. If you were worthy enough to have God sacrifice His only son for you, why settle for someone who doesn’t text back? 🤔
Let me know what you guys think about this.


Live. Love. Laugh!


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