Studying Abroad + tips

Ever since I was a child I wanted to live in Canada. I think it’s just a Caribbean mentality, “foreign life”. Despite the years wishing I could come here, my family wasn’t as interested and determined to make it happen as I was.
In January 2016 I was on the final leg of completing the process. And may I just say those were the longest months of my life. The anxiety and uncertainty of what to expect, imagining how my first day would be and the new life that I would now have. I’m not a person with a horrible past but the thought of having a fresh start is exciting. I truly value having  new experiences and meeting new people. In November 2016 I finally came here. It somewhat felt like a dream, wasn’t until I started school that I realized this was my new home. One afternoon I was walking home from school, looking at the snow and I was like “Danejra yu deh a farrin enuh”😂. 

My first impression of Canadians was that these people are way too friendly. I actually thought they were being fake but overtime I realized they are genuine. Since I’ve been here I’ve made amazing friends. I definitely owe this all to God, without Him I wouldn’t even be here. I feel He has placed me in this situation to inspire others, if I can do it- you can too!

I came up with a few tips for studying in a new country:

  1. Be open-minded. Welcome new experiences and challenges.
  2. Be you. You’ve probably heard this a lot. But being you will attract persons with similar interests and that’s always a great start.
  3. Focus on the positives. Failures and disappointments are inevitable, but that doesn’t have to take over your life. Visit the new restaurant in town, go to the city, anything you enjoy. Just stop sweating the negative stuff.
  4. Initiate conversations. Walk up and say “Hi, I’m (insert name)”. I don’t know if it’s the accent or background but they’re definitely interested, they’re probably just as shy as you are. 
  • Remember: Life is short say “Hi” first😂

Feel free to contact me (see ‘Contact’ page) if you have specific questions.

Live. Love. Laugh! 


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